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Commission and flush up to seven terminal units from one module – single point access and ensure end user security that every terminal will receive the flow conditions necessary for its optimal operation.

– 28% faster installation

– 57% faster flushing of horizontal mains pipework

– 77% faster flushing of terminal units

– 56% faster balancing of terminal units

Compared to traditionally designed fan coil systems. Download report below: Cost & Time savings using FloCon (BSRIA onsite study & comparative analysis)



Benefits to installers

Each module serves up to 7 terminal units, making access requirements considerably easier. Pre-assembly and hydraulic testing in factory conditions guarantees the integrity of component joints and greatly reduces installation time.
In addition, the valves on different bypass pathways can be set up to enable effective flushing of all module legs. Strainers, vents and drain cocks all help to get the commissioning flush done remarkably quickly.

Pressure Control

The flows through all terminal units are kept equal by either DPCV or PICV control. DPCVs are placed in the CM return leg and keep a constant differential between the supply and return manifolds. PICVs are positioned on each terminal supply line. The important result from either approach is that the terminal unit circuits are self-balancing, allowing significant savings in commissioning time.


To monitor energy usage remotely, energy meters are standard within Commissioning Modules. They monitor flow rate ultrasonically, with probes to take account of flow and return temperatures. Energy usage is computed automatically from the three variables. Data from energy meters can be used to prove specification, report on day-to-day usage and assist with diagnostics where fault-finding becomes necessary.

Kamstrup 603 Meter in Hand
Multilayer Piping

Alupex from SAV is a flexible multi-layer piping which includes an aluminium wall. It resists bending between supports and offers good temperature resistance. It can be installed faster and with less joints than copper, resulting in lower pressure drops. Where temperature is an issue, SAV can supply Alupex in pre-insulated form.

Future Proofing

Spare ports mean the additional terminal units can readily be accommodated. In the event of a change in use affecting the premises, the terminal units can be repositioned, but the commissioning modules would usually stay put.


SAV started developing Commissioning Modules in 1999 and fully introduced them to the market in 2001 holding a patent for the design. Since thenĀ  SAV is the forefront in developing well-designed HVAC solutions that contribute to energy savings, simplification of commissioning and optimised performance whilst delivering best user comfort.

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  • Cost & Time savings using FloCon (BSRIA onsite study & comparative analysis)

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