Optimised heat and power for Maximised CHP % share.

SAV LoadTracker combined heat and power (CHP) units tackle the key issues that constrain conventional ‘fixed output’ CHP performance, thereby supporting system design in line with best practice.

The result is responsive CHP systems that maximise run times and minimise energy consumption & carbon emissions.

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The main characteristic of a “70/40” system is a large Delta T and a low system return temperature. To achieve 70ºC flow and 40°C return temperatures calls for a  ‘whole system approach’ by the specifier

Properly designed and commissioned CHP District Heating schemes have the potential to significantly reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

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  • 1. Warranty & Maintenance Document
  • 2. LoadTracker Design Guide
  • 3. Delta T Design Guide
  • 4. XRGI 6 Datasheet
  • 5. XRGI 9 Datasheet
  • 6. XRGI 15 Datasheet
  • 7. XRGI 20 Datasheet
  • 8. Q20/Q80 Heat Distributor Datasheet
  • 9. Hydraulic Solutions Datasheet
  • 10. Technical Bulletin – CHP Thermal Store Management

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