Värmebaronen Electric Boiler

Värmebaronen Electric Boiler Energi well spent Värmebaronen electric boilers provide peak capacity and system resilience to support heat pumps in hybrid energy centres. This minimises the capital cost of the heat pump installation and minimises the external footprint required for an air source heat pump installation. With flow temperatures up to 95°C as standard, electric […]

Ventilation louvre

A ventilation louvre is an opening protected by slats in a wall or window. It allows the ingress of fresh air to a building but excludes birds and rain. The slats may either be fixed or adjustable to suit required ventilation levels.  Ventilation louvres are used in a wide range of buildings, often with the […]

Valve actuator

A valve actuator is attached to the valve spindle and enables control from a remote location. Actuators are classified according to their range of movement, or travel: Multi-turn actuators – Used for control applications where accurate mid-range performance is required.  Part-turn actuators – Used for rapid shut off, such as with butterfly or ball valves. Actuators are […]


Ventilation Trusted Systems Partner SAV are happy to help with guidance on the best product or solution for the specific project requirements. As well as offering sizing and design support, helping to make sure that the most effective design is achieved. If you have any questions, just send us your request and we will answer […]


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