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Terms and Conditions

CONDITIONS OF SALE SAV Systems UK Limited 1. DEFINITIONS 2. CONTRACT TERMS 2.1 The Contract is made by the Seller subject to these Conditions, which supersede all earlier setsofconditions issued by the Seller. Any terms and conditions proffered by the Buyer aspart of the Buyer’s purchase order or otherwise are excluded and do not form […]

Thank You

Thank you for submitting your enquiry! Thank you for taking interest in our services and solutions. We appreciate that you took the time to share your details with us, we’ll reach out to you soon! Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. Visit our “Contact Us” page for details on […]

Trench heating

Trench heating is the term which describes a heat source set in a floor trench, covered by a grille and almost always sited in front of glazed facades. The primary purpose of trench heating is to create convection currents that prevent heat loss through the glazing and condensation forming on the glass. Trench heating can […]

Technology Partners

Technology Partners Great energi makes for great partnerships Collaboration is the very foundation of our business. We continuously improve our solutions by working closely with our clients and technology partners. Since 1991 in Aars, Denmark, AirMaster has developed smart ventilation units. More than 10% of the employees work on research and development. AirMaster partners with […]

The Sharing Economy

Using heat networks to share waste heat and store surplus renewable energy will take pressure off the Grid and offe r the UK a cos…

The elephant in the room

SAV Tile

Optimising the energy performance of a building requires access to meaningful data. *Elio Galluzzi of SAV Systems explains how this can be achieved by acknowledging and managing the elephant in the room.


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