Rt40 PI-RTLV Creating free energy Towel rails typically only provide a small amount of heat, and when towels are placed over the rails, they will effectively insulate the rail surfaces, further reducing heat output and raising return temperatures. Recommended by CP1 (2020) as best practice, installing a Pressure Independent Return Temperature Limiter (PI-RTLV) on the […]

Rt 40 – Return temperature limiting valve

DN 15 outlet valve for towel rails in 2-pipe systems. Designed for limiting outlet temperature to 40˚C. 10 bar maximum working pressure, locking & limiting features, option of angled or straight-through configuration, option of nickel or chrome-plated brass finish.  Supplied with gas-filled actuator (for sensing pipe contents) and lock-shield valve for radiator inlet.

Radiant Panels

Radiant panels are heat distributors which use radiation as the predominant method of heat exchange. They are usually mounted on walls or attached to ceilings.  Radiation involves the transfer of heat across the intervening space between a hot body and an object at lower temperature, without the space itself being heated. Radiant energy will heat […]


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