Kamstrup Energy Meters

Energy Meters Always accurate, always reliable data Energy meters are not just for metering and billing, they are the key to con­tinuously safeguarding an energy-efficient scheme. As such, the Kamstrup energy meter solution forms an integral part of the holistic design and functionali­ty of a Heat Network. Kamstrup have been developing energy meters for Heat […]

Kurve Technologies App

App for uploading to portable devices, enabling remote access to heat usage data. Provides information on consumption, spending, volume-weighted average return temperatures (VWART), prevailing tariffs and historical data.  Acts as a remote top-up payment portal, with option for switching between Credit and Pay-As-You-Go payment methods. Together with the Disconnect Module, can see to automatic isolation […]

Kamstrup READy

READy Creating good data The Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system installed plays a huge part in how data can be utilised. Kamstrup has designed the READy AMR system to maximise the benefits of remote meter reading using the reliable, robust and low cost M-Bus protocol, making it perfect for Heat Networks. Key features and benefits […]

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