CPD – Lean System Design (LSD) for Schools

Lean System Design (LSD) for Schools

The CPD outlines a comprehensive design strategy for school heating, domestic hot water, and ventilation systems, emphasising the importance of ensuring that schools are designed to be heat network ready and how that can be delivered. The CPD will also provide real-life examples and scenarios.

Lean System Design (LSD)

What issues does the CPD cover?

  • Discussion on heat network readiness and 60/30 ΔT compatibility, alongside targets for public building connection by 2050.
  • Energy efficiency hierarchy: Be Seen, Be Lean, Be Clean, Be Green.
  •  Justification for 60/30 ΔT designs.
  • Optimising thermal storage for capacity and peak demand reduction.
  • Risk mitigation through legionnaires prevention and reliable heating system balancing.
  • Achieving low return temperatures and integrating mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) for reduced heat loss and cost savings.
  • Importance of monitoring for comprehensive data collection, soft landings and performance optimisation.
  • Benefits of holistic design of energy centre and ventilation, including financial implications, and detailed system examples.

What is the format of the CPD Seminar?

SAV seminars are informal, and questions are welcomed at any stage from attendees.

They are often held during lunchtime and have a maximum duration of 1.5 hours. Supplementary material will be made available to consolidate knowledge.

We prefer to host CPD seminars in person because we think that face-to-face interaction leads to better results.

SAV CPD Course

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