Product training - Heat Interface Units

SAV offer a ½ day practical training session for those involved with the installation and commissioning of Danfoss HIUs. This is a hands-on, interactive workshop, mostly conducted in the test lab area of our Woking offices. This has fully connected working versions of 3 different types of HIU. The session objectives are that on completion, each person attending:

  • Knows what to expect before HIU deliveries are made to site.
  • Can anticipate what pipe connections will be required.
  • Is able to complete each installation accurately in the least time.
  • Can confidently set up and commission HIUs to meet project design conditions.
  • Achieves a level of competence sufficient to deal successfully with ongoing service and maintenance.

SAV senior engineers will bring their hands-on practical experience of several hundred successful projects involving FlatStations. It is worth mentioning, that those HIU projects which include the training of installers are noticeably more successful, in terms of outcome.

What issues will be covered?

  • The key differences between different types of Danfoss HIUs
  • Commissioning flush, using integral bypass
  • How to set up temperature controls
  • Flow testing to ensure correct set up
  • How to interpret energy meter readings
  • Step-by-step approach to service and maintenance

What is the format for the session?

This FlatStation HIU Training is for M & E installers, site supervisors, commissioning engineers and all those who may become involved with the servicing and maintenance of Danfoss HIUs.

SAV HIU Training is carried out at SAV’s test facilities in Woking. Most sessions begin early in the day, in which case breakfast is provided! An information pack is provided to each attendee, together with a Certificate of Attendance.


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David Dick

Project Manager- Pt40, AirMaster, Electric Boilers, CHP, Commissioning Modules

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