CPD - Trilogy: AirMaster SMV (Smart Mechanical Ventilation)

Introducing the CPD Trilogy:  AirMaster SMV (Smart Mechanical Ventilation) currently presented online via Teams.

First introduced last year, the seminar Achieving Passivhaus & BBB101 Standards for School Ventilation,  was met with roaring success and positivity by hundreds of attendees. Due to this, we have decided to extend the topic of indoor air quality (IAQ) and school ventilation to provide an insightful and topical trilogy.

Attend one or all three, the choice is yours. Read the details of each one below and get in touch!

CPD 1 - The Importance of Good Indoor Air Quality

Why is good indoor air quality important? Attendees will gain a high- level understanding of indoor air quality (IAQ), what factors affect IAQ, how to manage IAQ and more.

The CPD is the first of a trilogy on AirMaster Smart Mechanical Ventilation (SMV).

What issues will be covered?

  • Understanding what IAQ is and what factors it is composed of
  • Why we ventilate buildings
  • Which regulations are used to manage IAQ
  • What the requirements are for good IAQ
  • How we define pollutants and which we should be conscious of
  • Different methods of ventilating our buildings
  • Why Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) is so important in achieving good IAQ
  • Sick building syndrome (SBS)
  • How IAQ should be measured

CPD 2 - AirMaster SMV (Smart Mechanical Ventilation) & BB101 Compliance (2018)

This CPD explains the main changes to the reissue of BB101 and how AirMaster SMV’s can aid consultants in solving the new challenges that it proposes.

Attendees will gain the knowledge of how to utilise AirMaster SMV in a school setting.

The CPD is the second of a trilogy on AirMaster Smart Mechanical Ventilation (SMV).

What issues will be covered?

AirMaster CPD training materials reflect many of the project–related issues to be expected when designing school ventilation solutions, including:

  • What challenges does the reissue of BB101 present?– Redefining ventilation– Indoor air quality– Filtration– Draught– Overheating– Noise
  • How can draught be avoided whilst maintaining good indoor air quality?
  • The methods by which AirMaster SMV solve the challenges of BB101

CPD 3 - Achieving Passivhaus & BB101 Standards for School Ventilation

The CPD is designed to demonstrate that by linking Passivhaus standards and those of BB101, we can achieve schools with much lower carbon footprints, whilst discussing the merits of the guidance in these documents.

The CPD is the third and final CPD in a trilogy on AirMaster SMV.

What issues will be covered?

  • The standards BB101 and Passivhaus have for indoor environments
  • The advantages of using SMV and how they can be integrated into schools
  • Heat recovery ventilation reduces the carbon footprint of schools
  • The influence  Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) has on the human body
  • Why CO₂ must be managed in classrooms
  • Outdoor air quality and how that relates to indoor air quality
  • Improving thermal comfort in classrooms using thermal mass

What is the format of these seminars?

SAV Seminars are informal, and questions are always welcome. They can be held at your premises, or any other venue of your choice.

Consultants often suggest that these be held during lunchtime, with target duration of 1 hour. Back-up material will be made available to consolidate learning.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we will be offering the CPD over Teams for your company- just get in touch!

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Jonathon Hunter Hill

Sector Manager- Education (AirMaster SMVs)


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