CPD - Integrating Heat Pumps into Heat Networks

This CPD seminar guides it attendants on integrating heat pumps in heat network energy centre. It aims to show its attendants how to ensure the best heat pump performance and the most efficient building operation. It investigates the required temperatures and advises on the best CAPEX/OPEX balance.

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What issues will be covered?

The presentation covers the basics of heat pumps and go into depth on:

  • The principles of a heat pump refrigerant circuit
  • Heat pump efficiency – COP and SCOP
  • Plant room peak sizing and plants selection (using an example of an apartment block with 150 residences)
  • The efficient heat network design for achieving low return temperatures
  • The choice of tapping temperatures, radiators, underfloor heating and pipe sizing
  • Heat pump buffer functions
  • LTHW designs with heat pump only as well as hybrid designs with heat pump, CHP and boiler
  • Heat network metering and monitoring
  • Commissioning the HIU with UMS (ultrasonic metering station)

The CPD will also compare two design choices and use case studies.

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What is the format of these seminars?

SAV Seminars are informal, and questions are always welcome. They can be held online, at your premises, or any other venue of your choice.

Consultants often suggest that these be held during lunchtime, with target duration of 1 hour. Back-up material will be made available to consolidate learning.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we will be offering the CPD over Teams for your company- just get in touch!

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Beata Blachut

Head of Strategic Business Development - Technical


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