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AirMaster - SMV

Consultant: Mesh Projects

Client: Ramsay Scout Centre

The Project

SAV Systems’ AirMaster units are being used to deliver energy-efficient, demand-controlled ventilation at the Ramsay Scout Centre in north London. The AirMaster mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR) units were specified by consulting engineers Mesh Projects, London.

Opened in 2016, the new Ramsay Scout Centre on Holloway Road has replaced the old Islington Scout Centre. Its facilities include a number of meeting rooms, a small hall, an office and a small gymnasium which are used for a range of scout-related activities.

The Challenge 

Key criteria in the selection of AirMaster units were the ability to attenuate external noise and to provide a high standard of filtration of incoming air. Other factors which were considered were demand control of air quality, low casing break out noise and good draught control in wintertime.

“The rooms are used almost every evening for scouting activities, meetings and training; and from September 2017 there will be a nursery here from 8am to 6pm every weekday,” explained Premises Manager Martin Linsey. “Because of our location on the busy Holloway Road with its high noise and air pollution levels, there are no opening windows. However, there was a requirement for efficient mechanical ventilation,” he added.

The Solution

Four AirMaster units with ORBIT control panels have been installed in the building, with carbon dioxide sensors to monitor indoor air quality and modulate ventilation rates according to occupancy. This arrangement ensures optimum energy efficiency, further enhanced by EC inverter controlled fan motors.

The AirMaster units have Class M5 filtration of both incoming and outgoing air, minimising ingress of outdoor pollutants and protecting the heat exchangers from fouling. Noise attenuation of at least 49dB minimises the intrusion of external traffic noise, whilst the quiet running of AirMaster (just 35 dB(A) at 1 metre) ensures the units do not disturb meetings or other activities.

Avoidance of draught was another important consideration. This is achieved by automatic inlet temperature control as incorporated in all AirMaster units, combined with a smooth flow of air across the ceiling using the Coanda effect. The units have been recessed into the ceilings void to reduce visual impact in the rooms.

The AirMaster units are performing well and we are impressed with the low noise levels, which was an important consideration in our meeting rooms. We have also received very good support from SAV Systems through the duration of the project.

Martin Linsey, Premises Manager

Optimum indoor environment

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