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To meet the increasing demand for new residential housing in Mitcham, developer Lotus Trident created Greenside Views, an 89-unit development of one, two and three-bedroom homes, specifically designed to meet the needs of young professionals and families.

Mitcham is covered by London’s Climate Action Plan – a building initiative that aims to reduce the city’s carbon emissions through a variety of methods, including a target for heat networks to deliver heat to 100,000 homes across the capital. As such, Lotus Trident pivoted its heating plans to include a communal heat network system – a first for the company


To help end users save money on their heating, residents need easy access to their usage data, together with an efficient way to pay bills. To achieve this, Lotus Trident was presented with three PAYG metering and billing solutions for Greenside Views. Two were traditional offerings using in-home displays (IHD), whilst the third was the new, web-based solution, KURVE, developed by Insite Energy and SAV Systems.

The KURVE platform uses a hard-wired M-Bus network and Kamstrup heat meter with a Smart M-Bus upgrade for two-way communication, sending usage data to residents across the internet. This removes the need for a costly IHD. For credit control purposes, KURVE can also send a signal via the M-Bus network to shut off the HIU heating and hot water supply valves, minimising energy debt.




KURVE required a significantly lower level of capital investment (CapEx) for the metering hardware, with an average saving of 60% – or £33,000 – across the site compared to the other traditional solutions presented. With lower equipment needs and a lot of the hardware arriving to the site pre-wired, the KURVE installation is also quicker and easier.
Lotus Trident also achieved significant operational (OpEx) and replacement (RepEx) expenditure savings as well. Traditional IHD infrastructures incur considerable RepEx and typically require upgrading every 10 years. Such infrastructures also tend to be proprietary to the billing host and come with high SaaS (Software as a Service) license fees leading to higher OpEx. With no equipment replacement requirements in the first 10 years, KURVE saves 97% on RepEx.


By using KURVE, Greenside Views residents have been given greater control over their heat and hot water usage, through having full access to their consumption history whilst being able to make payments quickly and easily, 24/7/365 from any internet-connected device. Usage data can be viewed in kilowatt hours (kWh) as well as in pounds and pence, making it much easier for residents to understand their energy use behaviours.

The most viewed pages of the web app, at 48% of all views, are the consumption graphs. “When customers are given the ability, they will engage with their energy usage and when they understand their consumption in real terms, it leads to better energy savings”.

Ellie Blacklock of Insite Energy

If a resident does not have a mobile device available or is unfamiliar with technology, vulnerable customer support can be provided – the best solution being the nomination of an authorised contact. Because KURVE is a web app it means a selected person, whether that be a friend, carer, or family member, can manage a customer’s account entirely on their behalf, with full access to their account without having to be in the property.


“The savings are genuinely impressive. The real value to residents lies in the fact they can easily access their energy usage data and manage their account anywhere, from any internet device.”

Arjun Shah of Lotus Trident


Since going live 6 months ago, 100% of top-ups at Greenside Views have been made online.

This shows the ease of making payments through the KURVE web app with residents choosing this payment method over making payments at any PayPoint outlet (using cash or card) or over the phone through the 24/7 available Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service.

KURVE has also been highly effective at rapidly reducing residents’ energy debt. For the first few months, residents were billed
for their heating and hot water through standard credit billing while the KURVE platform was in the final stages of development.


In under 3 months from KURVE being launched, Lotus Trident saw site debt drop by 91%.

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