FlatStation Heat Interface Units (HIUs) Training from SAV Systems

Installer HIU training and other services

Our commitment at SAV Systems is that every item performs as expected. Where appropriate, SAV will attend a site for heat interface unit (HIU) installer training. Heat interface unit training helps to avoid problems onsite, whilst also minimising the risk of issues during commissioning. This HIU training has proved to be particularly valuable on projects where Haka piping has been specified, this ensures that fitters are completely familiar with attachment methods for end connections.

FlatStation Heat Interface Units in multi-dwelling developments served by a centralised boiler plant or district heating system

Where FlatStation HIUs are part of project scope, we would normally attend site to commission the energy metering systems. This includes the verification of connections between energy meters / data logger and test readings for the energy meters. The frequency of readings to the data logger is adjusted to suit the landlord / owner.

LoadTracker Combined Heating and Power Systems

Installations including LoadTracker CHP always require a commissioning visit, which SAV Systems is able to provide. Further details are available on our LoadTracker CHP Services page. CHP Unit commissioning can be arranged at sites anywhere in the UK and ROI.

For each item or system, the commissioning sequence is typically built up from:

  • Installation checks to confirm that all items installed are as specified in the drawings.
  • Static system checks:
    ​- Flushing and pressure testing of pipe systems.
    – Electrical line checks.
  • Dynamic running checks of individual equipment/systems:
    – Tests of all control and safety devices.
    – Generator and switchboard performance and safety trials.
    – Tests of all normal and alternative modes of operation.

Post-Commissioning Support from SAV Systems

SAV have attended sites across the UK to help in the resolution of issues that have led to project equipment delivering at less than 100% of full performance. For the small number of instances involving equipment issues, item replacement has been arranged under warranty, without delay. SAV’s record of site visits includes:

  • To investigate and resolve water hammer in an UFH manifold
  • To identify and correct site supply wiring issues
  • To optimize a radiator system
  • To investigate a shortfall in primary flow temperature
  • To analyse issues caused by unwanted bypass flows
  • To investigate inadequate performance caused by airlocks
  • To resolve filter problems associated with water-borne debris

SAV understands fully the importance of prompt attention to post-commissioning issues. We wish our attitude and response to site issues to reflect well on those who have purchased from us in the first place.

On request, we will mobilize our site support team to engage with site problems at the first available opportunity, anywhere in the UK or ROI. Commercially speaking, each visit is set against a specific purchase order. However, should the cause be traced to equipment in SAV’s supply, the corresponding invoice would be valued at zero. And we can’t be fairer than that!

SAV Systems has an extensive archive of projects which we have contributed to over the years. These records can make all the difference when working out the best course of action on any service-related query that may come in to us. Changes to HVAC Commissioning Modules are a good example of this. Modules originally specified for a particular office block tenant may well need reconfiguration in the event of a change of usage or tenant. The cost of time spent in re-assessing pressure drops and Kv values of control valves in commissioning modules is of a completely different (and lower) order.

Our reputation for helping with site issues has been gained over a decade of site visits by specialists, who can be relied on to be prompt, well-informed and willing to go the extra mile.

For further information, or to discuss a specific service-related case, please get in touch with us either by phone, e-mail or by using the Contact Us form on this site. Details as follows:

by phone: 01483 771910

by e-mail: info@savsystems.com