What’s in it for attendees?

For part of the Seminar, attendees will be able to visualize a building’s Domestic Hot Water/HTG systems through the eyes of a typical district heating operator. This is to help explain the energy-saving rationale which underpins the choice of return temperature. The seminar covers the implications to each of the main components of a DHW/HTG system.

What issues do the Low Carbon 70/40 Seminars Cover?

The seminar agenda includes:

Energy efficiency – The effects of reduced return temperatures on:

  • Plant energy efficiency
  • Pumping efficiency
  • Distribution heat losses

Design Considerations:

  • Weather compensation – how to realize potential energy savings
  • Pipe sizing – bore reduction and new materials
  • Pressure and temperature control – guidelines for sensor positioning
  • Bypasses and system balancing – simpler distribution to multiple terminal units
  • Capital cost reductions – benefits of 40°C return

Requirements of ‘Soft Landings’ – Designers remain involved beyond practical completion, for:

  • Commissioning
  • Monitoring

What is the format for this CPD Course?

SAV Seminars are informal, and questions are always welcome. They can be held at your premises, or any other venue of your choice.

Consultants often suggest that these be held during lunchtime, with target duration of 1 hour. Back-up material will be made available to consolidate learning.

This seminar can contribute towards your CIBSE CPD requirement.

Contact SAV Systems to arrange a Low Carbon 70/40 Seminar

We run CPD Seminars for groups of up to 15, either at SAV Systems’ offices in Woking, Surrey, or at clients’ offices anywhere in the UK.

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SAV Systems also run LoadTracker CHP, HVAC Solutions,FlatStation HIUs and AirMaster CPD Seminars.

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