Carbon Reduction, Cost Savings & Site Issues

What’s in it for attendees?

This SAV Seminar has valid content for those starting out with CHP, and for those who are already well versed in the subject. It provides a thorough introduction to CHP, and will help you to hit the ground running with your own clients. Attendees will develop an instinct for matching CHP plant to various types of project.

What issues will be covered?

Seminar material reflects the issues raised during recent project work, and includes:

  • What emissions reduction (and cost savings) can be expected from CHP?
  • How to match CHP to site demand profiles
  • Why CHP power modulation makes such a difference
  • When to incorporate heat pumps in conjunction with CHP
  • How to get the maximum running time (and cost savings) from CHP
  • How best to incorporate CHP into DHW and Heating systems
  • How to optimise the ‘delta T’ and reduce system return temperatures

This CHP Seminar is designed for building services mechanical and electrical consulting engineers, energy managers and LTHW system designers. The workshop format provides an interactive learning environment, and has been refined from many similar presentations by SAV. The objective is to provide you with an experience which is informative, mind expanding and enjoyable.

What is the format for the seminar?

SAV Seminars are informal, and questions are welcomed at any stage from attendees. The Powerpoint presentation is comprehensive and is based on experience gained at over 700 of SAV’s CHP installations across the UK.

Seminars can be held at your premises, or any other venue of your choice. They are often held during lunchtime, and have an average duration of 1 hour. Back-up material will be made available to consolidate knowledge.

This seminar can contribute to your Continuous Professional Development requirements under CIBSE. Post seminar, SAV will provide the corresponding CPD certificates for each of the seminar attendees.

To find out about arrangements to run a CPD seminar for your team, please complete the enquiry form below and send in to us.

If you have any areas of particular interest, please make a note of this information in the box provided and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

SAV Systems also run Low Carbon 70/40, FlatStation HIUs, HVAC Solutions and AirMaster CPD Seminars. We look forward to seeing you at one!

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