Care Homes

Seven day a week operation and long daily hours make care homes a consistently good application for LoadTracker CHP units and systems. SAV have contributed to both new build and refurbishment projects to install CHP in care homes. Low noise emission levels (49 dB(A) at 1m, as for normal conversation) eliminates any risk of disturbance to residents – an important consideration for CHP in care homes.

Communal spaces in care homes benefit from well designed mechanical ventilation, based on AirMaster units.

Community Centres

The CHP unit is designed to act as lead boiler and often provides a high proportion (>80%) of site thermal load. In such cases, specific piping arrangements are recommended to ensure smooth operational interfacing with the back-up boiler. SAV is geared up to advise on the optimizing of schematic drawings for CHP in community centres, both by providing typical sketches and by offering feedback on first drafts.

Fire Stations

Energy meters can be used in conjunction with DHW manifolds, to produce a very compact arrangement. For ease of installation, energy meter / manifold assemblies can be supplied mounted in a pre-insulated steel box. Strainers, vents, isolators and flow control devices can all be incorporated according to project needs.

Hospitals and Health Centres

Multiple port Commissioning Modules by SAV Systems are well suited to hospital ambient control via FCUs, chilled beams and radiant panels.

Where adjoining valves for individual terminal units are preferred, SAV can offer Monolink assemblies.


Given a sufficient number of rooms (at least 35 rooms for an older hotel, or 45 rooms for a new-build with modern standards of insulation), the XRGI 15G or 20G combined heat and power units can be an excellent choice.

Owner operators aim to maximise the running hours of CHP in hotels, thereby substituting grid power as much as possible with site-generated electricity.

Leisure Centres

Leisure centres have multiple LTHW needs and are good applications for CHP, using the larger units in the LoadTracker CHP range. Changing rooms, showers, Jacuzzis and spas all provide good thermal load for CHP in leisure centres. A swimming pool is ideal:

Office Developments

Energy meters and associated monitoring help to meet the requirements of CIBSE TM39 (Energy Sub-Metering in Buildings). Simple, robust, ultrasonic energy meters can be installed so as to monitor energy usage within sectors of a building.


Where space is at a premium, LoadTracker CHP Energy Centres can be fitted out in a prefab enclosure. In this situation, SAV’s installation partners look after all connections for LTHW, gas, exhaust flues and electrics. All piping is brought to single terminal points at the enclosure wall.

Housing Developments

Accurate control of radiator flows is of increasing importance when designing for apartment indoor comfort. Not only are thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) a normal requirement, but they should also function independently of pressure fluctuations upstream. The SAV Pt40 valve meets both requirements, in that it is thermostatic and


SAV AirMaster Smart Ventilation Units (SVUs) are an excellent choice for dealing with the requirements of BB101 (2018). They eliminate winter time draught and provide accurate…


To meet the twin challenges of high occupancy and adult personal requirement (10 or 12 l/sec/person), AirMaster SVUs are a useful choice for university new build and retrofit applications.