Care Homes

LoadTracker CHP Power Systems & Units
Seven-day-a-week operation and long daily hours make care homes a consistently good application for LoadTracker CHP units and systems. SAV have contributed to both new build and refurbishment care home projects, with either 1 x 15G or 2 x 15G installations (see above, centre left illustration). Low noise emission levels (49 dB(A) at 1m, as for normal conversation) eliminates any risk of disturbance to residents.

Community Centres

LoadTracker CHP Systems
(See above, far left illustration) Expected usage patterns at community centres are taken into account with CHP assessments, as partial usage and weekend closure would be the norm. The 15G LoadTracker CHP unit needs a minimum annual electrical load of 60,000 kWh and 120,000 kWh thermal load. Most community centre projects involving SAV have been specified with either 1 x 15G or 2 x 15G units.

Fire Stations

Combined Heating and Power Systems (LoadTracker CHP)
Careful assessment of combined heat and power in relation to site needs repays dividends for this type of project. The 15G is suited to the larger fire stations, or those stations where LTHW is required to supply equipment with heavy load patterns, such as drying rooms and catering facilities (see above, far left illustration).

Hospitals and Health Centres

LoadTracker CHP
Although average demands at a hospital are enormous, LoadTracker CHP installations have been successfully applied to specific hospital projects. Examples of these are single specialist wards, a neonatal intensive care unit and a cancer treatment centre. The low noise level from the 15G – 20G is especially valuable in hospitals: 49 dB(A) at 1m is about the level of office conversation.


Combined Heating and Power Units
Given a sufficient number of rooms (say, at least 35 rooms for an older hotel, or 45 rooms for a new-build with modern standards of insulation), the 15G combined heat and power unit can be an excellent choice for hotels.

Leisure Centres

LoadTracker CHP:
Leisure centres have multiple LTHW needs and make excellent applications for the 15G combined heat and power unit (see above, far left illustration). Changing rooms, showering facilities, Jacuzzis and spas all provide good thermal load, but a swimming pool is probably the ideal : it has large, steady heating load and long operating hours demanded by early session swimmers and evening swimming clubs. Leisure centre operators can expect to make substantial savings by replacing peak rate grid supplies with inexpensive, site-produced power.

Office Developments

LoadTracker CHP:
Due to the fluctuating nature of thermal loads, office developments need careful consideration in relation to CHP. The 15G combined heat and power unit can provide up to 133,000 kWh per annum of electrical load and 263,000 kWh of thermal. SAV always offer to check expected site load patterns, to ensure sufficient operational service by a LoadTracker CHP installation. Several projects have been undertaken as a result of cost-saving initiatives in the public sector.


LoadTracker CHP:
Projects for HM Prisons have specified LoadTracker 15G combined heat and power units to help achieve a BREEAM rating of “Excellent”. Further advantage can be gained by calling up the Low NOx version of this machine.

Housing Developments

LoadTracker CHP:
SAV Energy Centres based on LoadTracker 15G combined heat and power have been specified for town developments, luxury flats, council estates and sheltered housing. Carbon savings of around 20% can be expected on these, with appreciable cost savings arising from the substitution of grid supplies by site-based generation.


Heating, Power and Energy Metering in Schools
LoadTracker CHP Combined Heat and Power:
Progress towards school BREEAM targets is strongly assisted by LoadTracker CHP units. On CHP assessments for 16 schools across the UK, average carbon savings were estimated at 20.7% (see above, far left illustration).


LoadTracker CHP Systems
SAV Systems are regularly invited to submit proposals for boiler replacement using LoadTracker CHP. Existing boiler plant currently coming up for replacement can be expected to be not more than 75% efficient.
As LoadTracker CHP Units deliver total efficiencies of NCV of 92% (15G) and 96% (20G), cost savings build up very rapidly after replacement.