Ventilation for Teaching Areas

To meet the twin challenges of high occupancy and adult personal requirement (10 or 12 l/sec/person), AirMaster SVUs are a useful choice for university new build and retrofit applications. SAV AirMaster offers a range of ventilation sizes from 41 to 364 l/sec (147 – 1,310 m3/hr). They can all provide a reliable, temperature-controlled source of fresh air to enhance the learning experience, even in situations of overcrowding.

LoadTracker CHP Systems

chp in UniversitiesSAV Systems regularly submit proposals for CHP in universities using LoadTracker as a replacement for boilers. Existing boiler plant currently coming up for replacement can be expected to be not more than 75% efficient. CHP in universities therefore has the potential to deliver significant energy and carbon benefits. As LoadTracker CHP Units deliver total efficiencies using NCV of 92% (XRGI 15G) and 96% (XRGI 20G), cost savings build up very rapidly after replacement.

HVAC Distribution Manifolds

Installation and commissioning of FCUs and radiant panels is made quicker and easier using SAV FloCon modules.

With single terminal units, Monolink assemblies allow flow and return lines to a Fan Coil Unit to be made good with only 4 connections. The installer can then count on a bypass, high quality ball valves, a commissioning set and flow measurement binder points. Connections can be made using compression, threaded, plastic or composite piping.

With premises of different vintages within any given campus, a flexible approach is essential when drawing up DHW/BCW proposals. SAV offer a bespoke service, which could include a discussion at site with one of our account managers, proposals clearly set out on project sketches, high quality assemblies manufactured in shop conditions and rapid turn round to meet downtime windows.