LoadTracker Combined Heat and Power

chp in schoolsProgress towards meeting school BREEAM targets is strongly assisted by LoadTracker CHP in schools. On CHP assessments for 16 schools across the UK, average carbon savings were estimated at 20.7%.

3 of these school CHP projects have air-source heat pumps. Heat pumps are well suited to sites which have insufficient electricity demand (which the heat pump can add to) but strong thermal load (which the heat pump can contribute to). As a result, carbon reductions and cost savings are enhanced significantly.

Classroom Ventilation

SAV AirMaster Smart Ventilation Units (SVUs) are an excellent choice for dealing with the requirements of BB101 (2018). They eliminate winter time draught and provide accurate control of carbon dioxide. Their low noise profile is attractive to designers of SEN schools. AirMaster SVUs have been specified regularly for new build and retrofit school projects.

DHW & BCW Manifolds

These have been used successfully for radiator and UFH circuits. UFH is often used for nursery and pre-school applications, where SAV manifolds can take care of mixing, circulation and room temperature control.

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