LoadTracker CHP:

chp in prisonsProjects involving CHP in prisons have specified LoadTracker 15G combined heat and power units to help achieve a BREEAM rating of “Excellent”. Further advantage can be gained by calling up the Low NOx version of this machine for CHP in prisons.

Where space is at a premium in existing prison buildings, LoadTracker CHP Energy Centres can be fitted out in a prefabricated enclosure. SAV’s specialist installation partners look after all interconnections for LTHW, gas piping, exhaust flues and electrics. All piping is brought to single terminal points at the enclosure wall.

HVAC Distribution Manifolds:

With inmate cells in close proximity, there is ample scope in prisons for using distribution manifolds for DHW and BCW services.

Manifolds for distribution of both these services can be provided with commissioning sets for flow balancing, as shown. Alternatively, differential pressure control valves (DPCVs) between manifolds can be deployed.

UFH systems can be attractive in situations where risk of interference with equipment must be ruled out. SAV can offer a range of UFH manifolds with associated controls for mounting in a secure location.


With the cost of per head of internment already high, the Prison Service can be expected to become increasingly aware of its energy costs. Watchman systems help facilities managers to analyse energy usage at their installations.

Monitoring of individual areas of HM Prisons can help to identify unnecessary heat usage, and allow early remedial action in the event of equipment malfunction or incorrect setting.