LoadTracker CHP:

chp in office developmentsDue to the fluctuating nature of thermal loads, CHP in offices needs careful consideration. The 15G combined heat and power unit can provide up to 133,000 kWh per annum of electrical load and 263,000 kWh of thermal. For CHP in offices, SAV always offer to check expected site load patterns, to ensure sufficient operational service by a LoadTracker CHP installation. Several CHP in offices projects have been undertaken as a result of cost-saving initiatives in the public sector.

HVAC Distribution Manifolds:

FloCon commissioning modules act as flow distribution hubs (see above, centre left illustration). They simplify distribution arrangements to terminal units such as FCUs, chilled beams, trench heaters and radiant panels. They are extremely compact, which makes them well received on office projects.

The illustration bears this out: The modules are supplied in pre-insulated boxes, which means that insulation of individual components is not required. All parts are easily accessible. When it comes to flow balancing, the average FloCon installation needs only one quarter of the interventions required by a commissioning technician on a traditional (ie, individually piped) installation.

Where it is not possible to arrange clusters of terminal units, the Monolink comes into its own alongside individual terminal units (see above, far right illustration). Each terminal unit can be flushed, cleaned and adjusted very simply using the Monolink approach.


Energy meters and associated monitoring help to meet the requirements of CIBSE TM39 (Energy Sub-Metering in Buildings). Simple, robust, ultrasonic energy meters can be installed so as to monitor energy usage within spatial divisions of a building. SAV’s meters maintain accuracy of measurement over prolonged service, and can provide the raw data for inclusion in Building Log Books as referred to under Part L of Building Regulations.

DHW & BCW Manifolds, Valves, Fittings etc:

The illustration below shows the application of cooling manifolds and fittings to a City dealing room. This 50mm bore assembly is based on segmented manifolds with integral isolators. A full bore bypass ensures effective flushing of debris. Flexible multilayer Haka piping (coloured white) is shown between the manifold and terminal units. Haka contains an internal aluminium layer which serves as an oxygen barrier. It is easy to lay, simple to terminate and has a service life of over 50 years.