LoadTracker CHP

chp in in leisure centres Leisure centres have multiple LTHW needs and are good applications for CHP, using the larger units in the LoadTracker CHP range. Changing rooms, showers, Jacuzzis and spas all provide good thermal load for CHP in leisure centres. A swimming pool is ideal: it has large, steady heating loads and long running hours, as demanded by early session swimmers and evening clubs. CHP in leisure centres delivers substantial savings by replacing peak rate grid supplies with low cost, site-produced power.

Monolink Applications

Fan Coil Units (FCUs) are often chosen for ambient control in leisure centres. Installation of such terminal units is made easier by using Monolink assemblies, as these have just 4 connections. Commissioning is simplified by having a full bore flushing bypass, accessible strainer and flow measurement binder points. Isolators for hot water service are provided with black nylon hand wheels, on extended spindles. Nylon insulation is operator-friendly and helps to prevent heat loss.

Mechanical Ventilation:

Activity rooms within leisure centres have high air change requirements. With a choice of how units can be ducted, AirMaster SVUs can provide good solutions for either new build or refurbishment of leisure centres.