LoadTracker CHP

chp in hospitals and health care centresAlthough average demands at a hospital are enormous, LoadTracker CHP installations have been successfully applied to specific CHP in hospitals projects. Examples of CHP in hospitals projects are single specialist wards, a neonatal intensive care unit and a cancer treatment centre. The low noise level from the 15G – 20G is especially valuable for CHP in hospitals: 49 dB(A) at 1m is about the level of office conversation.

Other heating and power applications:
HVAC Distribution Manifolds

Multiple port Commissioning Modules by SAV Systems have been successfully used for hospital ambient control via FCUs, chilled beams and radiant panels.

Where local control of individual terminal units is preferred, SAV can offer Monolink assemblies, (see above, far right illustration). These incorporate a strainer and bypass line to assist with commissioning flush. Flow balancing is by actuated 2-port valve and measurement binder points. Centre-line spacing is set to suit the connections required by the exact model of terminal unit. Monolinks can fit in tight corners, come pretested for tightness and are the installer’s dream come true.

Energy Meters – Watchman

Energy meters can make information available to the main hospital metering/ monitoring centre. Regular updating of the data logger enables facilities managers to keep a close eye on usage patterns.

DHW & BCW Manifolds

(see above, centre left illustration) This shows multiport DHW and BCW manifolds, with several different types of connection from the same plenum. This variety of connection is not a problem to SAV, who can supply adaptors for all types of pipe ending: compression, threaded or multilayer.

Valves, fittings and flexible piping warehouse

Hospitals can be expected to be sensitive to the issues of leakage and resulting contamination. CIM ball valves from SAV provide a high integrity safeguard. They have mirror-finish ball forgings, 15º blind angle after passing point of closure and top-fed stems to prevent long-term vulnerability to wear. Other types of CIM valves all have advanced design features and are made to excellent quality. The CIM factory makes over 100,000 valves per day, yet still manages to keep annual returns due to defects to less than 0.01%!

For more information about Combined Heating and Power Systems or other HVAC applications to hospitals and health centres, contact SAV Systems to discuss your needs and arrange an assessment.