Combined Heating and Power Units

chp in hotelsGiven a sufficient number of rooms (for example 35 rooms for an older hotel, or 45 rooms for a new-build with modern standards of insulation), the 15G combined heat and power unit can be an excellent choice for CHP in hotels.

Owner operators aim to maximise the running hours of CHP in hotels, thereby substituting grid power as much as possible with site-generated electricity. For CHP in hotels projects, SAV help to ensure this by providing advice on the optimizing of pipe layouts around the CHP unit. SAV have been involved in project discussions of renewables for a number of different hotel chains, thus building up a knowledge of the “house rules” followed by each chain.

Other Heating and Power Applications:
HVAC Distribution Manifolds

FloCon modules can help with all commissioning tasks required for FCUs,chilled beams, trench heaters and radiant panels. Up to 7 terminal units can be accommodated by a single module, subject to a limitation of 1.12 l/sec on total flow. SAV offer to plan the module clusters (ie, assigning the terminal units to specific modules) by working off the project layout drawings. Having obtained the corresponding branch pipe lengths, pressure drops can then be calculated and specifications drawn up for the controlling 2-port valves. The result for each cluster is self-balancing, simple to install and effective to commission.

Watchman Energy Metering and Management

New build hotels are covered by the requirements of Part L of the Building Regulations. These hold that sub-metering in non-residential new builds should be able to account for 90% of the estimated annual energy consumption for each fuel. The Watchman range helps to meet such requirements with energy meters of various sizes, data logging equipment and provision for reporting of energy usage.

DHW & BCW Manifolds

Multiple connections required by on-suite bathrooms are an ideal application for hot and cold water manifolds (see above, centre left illustration). Line isolators are integral to the manifold, which is a great space-saving feature. The assembly is bracket-mounted with cold water connection to sinks, bath, shower and toilet, with hot water connection to the first four. Pressure-reducing valves are shown on both services, with a pressure gauge on HW service to verify tap supply is kept within limits.

Where underfloor heating is specified, SAV can offer a wide range of UFH manifolds (see above, far right illustration). The version illustrated has its own circulator, and comes with a temperature control mixer assembly just above the pump. Each floor circuit is controlled by a 2-port valve, with local temperature display. Drains and automatic air vents come as standard.

Valves, fittings and flexible piping warehouse

The same far right illustration shows excellent use being made of FiltraCIMvalves, as supplied by SAV. These have an integral strainer which is easily removable for debris elimination, needing only the temporary closure of the ball isolator.

We have a range of heating and power systems and solutions, which can be tailored to your hotel requirements. Whether you’re looking for a more efficient combined heating and power system and unit or simply want to explore new efficiency opportunities, contact SAV Systems to discuss your requirements.