Combined Heating and Power Systems (LoadTracker CHP)

chp in firestationsCareful assessment of combined heat and power in relation to site needs repays dividends for CHP in fire stations projects. The 15G LoadTracker is suited to larger fire stations, or those stations where LTHW is required to supply equipment with heavy load patterns, such as drying rooms and catering facilities.

Watchman Energy Meters

Energy meters can be used in conjunction with DHW manifolds, to produce a very compact arrangement (see above,¦centre right illustration). For ease of installation, energy meter / manifold assemblies can be supplied mounted in a pre-insulated steel box. Strainers, vents, isolators and flow control devices can all be incorporated according to project needs.

Meter outputs are fed to a central data logger, either by direct MBus wiring or by radio signal. Information for any given fire station can be downloaded by a central control centre at regular intervals, to satisfy energy reporting requirements.

For more information about CHP in fire stations and other types of project, or to discuss the assessment and installation of energy metering systems or CHP units, contact SAV Systems.