LoadTracker CHP Systems

chp in community centresExpected usage patterns for CHP in community centres are taken into account with CHP assessments, as partial usage and weekend closure would be the norm. The 15G LoadTracker CHP unit, for example, needs a minimum annual electrical load of 60,000 kWh and 120,000 kWh thermal load. Most community centre projects involving CHP have been specified with either 1 x 15G or 2 x 15G units.

The CHP unit is designed to act as lead boiler and often provides a high proportion (>80%) of site thermal load. In such cases, specific piping arrangements are recommended to ensure smooth operational interfacing with the back-up boiler. SAV is geared up to advise on the optimizing of schematic drawings for CHP in community centres, both by providing typical sketches and by offering feedback on first drafts.

For more information about the application of CHP power units and combined heating and power systems for community centres, contact SAV Systems by phone or website enquiry form.

Energy Metering Systems

Energy meters and associated monitoring help to meet the requirements of CIBSE TM39 (Energy sub-metering in buildings). Simple, robust, ultrasonic energy meters maintain accuracy of measurement over prolonged service, and provide the raw data for inclusion in Building Log Books as referred to under Part L of Building Regulations.

Domestic Hot Water & Boosted Cold Water Manifolds

Water and heating manifolds can be supplied mounted on a backplate for ease of installation. A typical assembly could have 6 ports, each with an actuated 2-port valve, wired up to a local terminal block. Full bore bypass and isolators between flow/return main manifolds enable pre-commissioning flush, which can be done both in normal flow direction as well as by back-flush. A strainer and ball-valve unit allows for easy removal of debris.

Flow measurement points are included to assist with commissioning. Large numbers of connections can be made securely in a shop-controlled environment, allowing site teams to reduce installation cost and make rapid progress.