Seven-day-a-week operation and long daily hours make care homes a consistently good application for LoadTracker CHP units and systems.

chp in care homesSAV have contributed to both new build and refurbishment projects to install CHP in care homes, with either 1 x 15G or 2 x 15G installations. Low noise emission levels (49 dB(A) at 1m, as for normal conversation) eliminates any risk of disturbance to residents – an important consideration for CHP in care homes.

Thermal storage plays a vital role in maintaining smooth operation by the 15G combined heat and power unit. LoadTracker CHP has an advanced storage control system which maximizes the effectiveness of the vessel, making it possible to specify a reduced vessel size. Optimum vessel volume is a function of summer DHW load and daily operating hours. For most CHP in care homes, thermal storage of either 475 ltr or 1,000 ltr per machine is adequate. SAV will consider storage size within each CHP assessment and give clear recommendations for volume.

Other Heat and Power System Applications:

Energy Metering – Watchman

With increasing energy costs, energy metering and the monitoring of energy usage becomes all the more important. Using energy metering systems like Watchman energy meters, data loggers and reports, the facilities manager can monitor the costs of space heating, DHW and kitchen usage.

DHW & BCW Manifolds

SAV have worked on DHW and BCW projects for several major care home operators. A substantial reference base has been built up of individual operator preferences, so that schedules of heating and water manifolds can readily be drawn up. There are numerous types of heating and water manifolds which can be considered, including those serving radiator clusters, UFH circuits.

DHW and BCW manifolds are assembled at works and proven for tightness by hydraulic test. Site construction teams value the resultant efficiency of installation, and prompt service in the event of late-stage changes to scope.

For more information about the application of Combined Heating and Power units & Loadtracker CHP Services or other heat and power efficiency systems, contact SAV Systems.