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AirMaster SMVs are decentralised mechanical ventilation units with built-in heat recovery (MVHR). These extract air from the room, tempering filtered fresh air by use of a heat exchanger. Fresh air is distributed in the room using the Coanda effect, consequently distribution ductwork is not required.

Typically fitted with integrated CO2 sensors, enabling demand-controlled ventilation. This benefits both indoor air quality and energy usage: when occupancy is high, the ventilation rate increases, improving the indoor air quality; when occupancy is low, the ventilation rate decreases, reducing energy consumption.

By using heat recovery, the Coanda effect, and having low specific fan powers (SFPs), AirMasters achieve much lower energy performance than centralised and hybrid mixer boxers, making them an optimal choice for Net Zero school design.

The AirMaster AM 1000 is already Passivhaus certified for use in classrooms and other school rooms.

AirMasters installed in classrooms across the UK and Europe


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