Where can Combined Heat & Power Systems be used?

Any site that requires electricity and heat is a potential candidate for a Combined Heat and Power System. Starting with the so-called ‘micro CHPs’ for domestic applications up to 5 kW(e), the range extends through to large CHP systems of over 1 MW(e) for applications such as hospitals.

Within this spread, LoadTracker CHP occupies the middle ground. SAV supplies CHP units in capacities from 6 kWe/12.2 kWth to 20 kWe/38.7 kWth. These units can be installed in clusters of up to 5 at a time, which means that LoadTracker installations cover the range between 6-100 kW(e) and 12.2 – 193.5 kW(th).

Therefore, the number of projects potentially suited to this CHP system is very considerable. Single unit CHP applications have been designed for leisure centres, , HM Prisons, specialist wards in hospitals. Multiple unit Combined Heat and Power installations have been provided for schools, offices and housing developments.

Assessment of CHP Potential by SAV Systems

It’s important at the outset to obtain the best data possible on electric and thermal loads to be expected at a the project site. SAV can then make good use of this information by preparing an assessment of Combined Heat and Power potential. And the aim is to do this every time!

This CHP assessment is a reliable indicator of the number of units best suited to a particular site. In addition, it gives a fair estimate of the carbon reduction and cost savings which could be expected. The programme also reveals the percentage of site thermal and electric loads which would be accounted for by LoadTracker.

Where the evidence from any site is not strong enough to support a LoadTracker CHP installation, SAV would decline further involvement. This could happen for a few reasons: if either electrical or thermal loads were insufficient, if fuel supplies could not be guaranteed, or if site needs were beyond the capability of a 5 x XRGi 20G cluster.

Prefabricated Combined Heat and Power Plant rooms

Customers occasionally ask for a LoadTracker CHP Energy Centre to be supplied complete with enclosure; for example where plant room space is at a premium, or is already accounted for. SAV can provide bespoke solutions in the form of prefabricated CHP plant rooms. The enclosures are transported ready-made to site, to fit out the LoadTracker CHP units and hook them up to site services.

Need to get some specifics about CHP for your project?

To find out more about LoadTracker CHP, please contact us on the details below:

by phone: 01483 771910

by e-mail: webenquiries@sav-systems.com

SAV Systems organises LoadTracker CHP CPD Seminars either at your premises or at SAV Systems’ offices in Woking, Surrey. These CIBSE accredited CHP Seminars provide a thorough introduction to LoadTracker and explain the issues that can be anticipated with a Combined Heat and Power proposal. For further details, please contact SAV Systems and refer to the CPD Seminars section on the website.

Document Downloads

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  • 1. Warranty & Maintenance Document
  • 2. LoadTracker Design Guide
  • 3. Delta T Design Guide
  • 4. XRGI 6 Datasheet
  • 5. XRGI 9 Datasheet
  • 6. XRGI 15 Datasheet
  • 7. XRGI 20 Datasheet
  • 8. Q20/Q80 Heat Distributor Datasheet
  • 9. Hydraulic Solutions Datasheet
  • 10. Technical Bulletin – CHP Thermal Store Management

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