Combined heat and power (CHP) is the on-site generation of electricity and the utilisation of the heat that is produced as a by-product.

This means that CHP systems achieve far higher fuel efficiency (around 85% on gross CV) than is possible at main line power stations (approximately only 40% ). Operators with combined heat and power units as part of their plant mix can expect:

  • Large savings by substituting grid electricity with their own supply.
  • Compressed pay-back periods, superior to all other categories of ‘green’ technologies (e.g. solar panels, ground source heat pumps and biomass boilers).
  • Reduced usage of relatively expensive back-up gas boilers.

LoadTracker combined heat and power systems have been designed to maximise these advantages. The electricity generator is able to modulate, so as to keep in step with site demand. This means that the unit remains in operation even though site electricity demand reduces to 50% of full load. Most CHP units offered in the UK are non-modulating, and must come off line when site loads drop below their full output.

Heating water with CHP

Every LoadTracker CHP has a thermal storage vessel, equipped with a state-of-the-art storage control network. Most vessels supplied by SAV have a storage capacity of around 500 litres. The CHP control system is constantly looking to maximise vessel thermal storage capacity. In other words, it keeps the full contents as close to flow temperature as possible. This enables the vessel to make a significant contribution to meeting the peaks in site thermal demand. Other models of CHP systems are designed to allow the mixing of flow and return water in their vessel, which reduces its storage potential.

Wherever possible, site operators avoid having to fire up the more expensive back-up gas boilers, preferring to meet demand through their CHP units. To help with this objective, thermal storage vessels keep LoadTracker in operation through periods of low thermal demand. Alternatively, with high electricity demand, LoadTracker Combined Heat and Power units divert any surplus heat production to thermal storage, for use later in the daily cycle.

CHP energy bill reductions

LoadTracker’s modulation and efficient thermal storage are hugely important in securing long operating periods. And the more use that site owners can get from a Combined Heat and Power System, the happier they tend to be! Every hour in operation produces a benefit. By substituting expensive power from the grid with site-generated electricity, the figures speak for themselves: utilities charge approximately 9p / kWh, whereas gas supplies can be purchased for 3p / kWh.

As one of SAV’s Load Tracker Combined Heat and Power clients who runs a successful hotel business put it, “this machine saves me a fortune”.

Need to get some specifics about CHP for your project?

To find out more about LoadTracker CHP, please contact us on the details below or by using the Contact Us page. We’ll send you the LoadTracker CHP Design Guide to help you identify whether CHP is suitable for your project. Next we’ll provide you with a sample CHP assessment for your type of project, and a proforma enquiry spreadsheet if you’d like to take things further. We look forward to hearing from you!

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