SubStation HIUs

SubStation Heat Interface Units (HIU) are pre-engineered, factory-assembled heat exchange package plants used predominantly in district heating networks. In addition to a range of standard systems, these HIUs can be engineered and manufactured to meet special requirements. Ongoing research and design ensures high thermal efficiency and ease of maintenance.

Each Heat Interface Unit assembly is mounted on a robust frame, which simplifies handling arrangements and final positioning in the plant room. The layout of components is functional and pays close attention to maintenance requirements.

SubStation Heat Interface Units are provided with all the ancillary equipment necessary for rapid installation and efficient operating conditions, including:

  • Energy efficient pump set
  • Filter chosen for ease of maintenance
  • Isolators at all terminal points, allowing intervention at any time
  • Energy meter with choice of outputs, helping to satisfy Part L Requirements
  • State of the art controls and instrumentation, enabling local readout and interface with BMS

Each HIU is assembled and tested at works, meaning that the installation manager can take all these activities off his / her to-do list. Instrumentation is well thought out and comprehensive, helping to keep the commissioning programme short.

In summary, SubStation HIUs offer compact and well-engineered solutions to the need for heat exchange in plant rooms where space is at a premium.

The HIU’s success is based on:

  • Design principles based on solid research and development
  • Ease of incorporation within building system monitoring & evaluation designs
  • Maintaining optimal system performance with high energy efficiency
  • Modular design to assist with sizing
  • Excellent compatibility between components
  • Reasonable lead and reliable delivery times
  • Enabling efficient installation and commissioning
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Clients who are satisfied with the result!

Document Downloads

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  • 1. FlatStations Design & Product Guide (PDF)
  • 2. Delta T Design Guide (PDF)
  • 3. HIU FlatStation 7 Series DS Fully Insulated (VVX-I-R-FI)
    Specification (Microsoft Word)​
  • 4. PT40 Datasheet (PDF)
  • 5. PT40 Spec Sheet (Microsoft Word)​

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