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SAV Systems offer an assessment service to establish the Combined Heat and Power potential for each project, at no expense to the client. The assessment looks in detail at the expected site loads (both thermal and electrical). CHP Systems are based on CHP units of 6 kWe/12.2 kWth, 9 kWe/19.2 kWth,  15 kWe/30.6 kWth or 20 kWe/38.7 kWth output. By using clusters of the larger LoadTracker CHP units, up to 100kW(e)/193.5kW (th) can be provided at any single installation. When preparing layouts for Energy Centres, SAV Systems can draw on various different designs for Cogeneration. LoadTracker CHP units are mostly deployed as preheat of return to main boilers. Alternatively, they can be piped up to provide the major share of site thermal demand. Piping arrangements for each of these cases have very specific features.

CHP recommendations and support during design and installation

For any project where LoadTracker Combined Heat and Power may be considered, SAV’s CHP consultants offer to help develop an effective pipe work layout. Experience has shown the value of getting this right, to ensure that LoadTracker CHP daily running hours are maximised. SAV can provide suggestions and support during the preparation of LTHW schematics. Usually this is done at proposal stage by issue of typical layouts, with subsequent review of draft versions as issued by the consultant.

Once a project opens at site, SAV Systems’ CHP consulting team can provide ongoing support through an installation partner, either by providing advice or by carrying out the complete CHP system installation. After commissioning, annual Cogeneration servicing is offered at reasonable rates. Each LoadTracker CHP unit is monitored remotely for the client’s peace of mind.

Where required, SAV also offers CHP training for onsite staff responsible for the day-to-day running of the plant. CHP training helps to ensure staff understand the operation of the system and the importance of any control signals/alerts.

Changing Combined Heat and Power plant requirements

It is virtually unavoidable that many buildings will undergo refitting, extension or even change of purpose during their lifetimes. Regardless of how accurately a CHP installation may have been sized at outset, it is a near certainty that the daily and annual patterns of site heat / electricity demand will change over time.

That’s why SAV Systems’ modular approach ensures that each LoadTracker CHP can be adapted to keep in step with changing demand. SAV’s modular approach means that LoadTracker CHP installations can be readily strengthened by the inclusion of additional units. In contrast to large, fixed output machines, SAV Systems’ CHP power units are highly flexible, enjoy improved availability for service and enable sustained asset usage.

SAV Systems ensure real time remote monitoring of CHP Units

Every LoadTracker CHP unit comes provided with remote monitoring. Valuable information on running conditions is displayed in real time on a secure website. This means that facilities managers can check the status of any of their LoadTracker Combined Heat and Power Systems, without first having to leave their office. Access to the website comes as part of the servicing agreement.

In the event of a fault somewhere in the cogeneration system , onscreen status codes  enable rapid diagnosis. Instructions for corrective action can then be passed to site staff, thus reducing downtime to a minimum. Servicing of the XRGI 6 and XRGI 9 Mini LoadTrackers is only required after 10,000 hours. For the XRGI 15 LoadTracker CHP units the service interval is 8,500 hours or 2 years, whichever is the earlier. The corresponding running time for the XRGI 20 is 6,000 hours, again extending to a maximum of 2 years.

Comprehensive CHP System Evaluation and Expert Solutions

When boiler replacement is required at an existing site, SAV Systems can help evaluate the potential option of a Combined Heat and Power installation. SAV Systems has the resources to help at every stage, by checking the feasibility of installation, offering suggestions on the modification of schematics, providing recommendations for thermal storage, or evaluating the cost savings to be expected by introducing a LoadTracker Combined Heat and Power unit. And if there is some part of the process which we are unable to offer ourselves, we’ll contact one of our CHP partners to ensure the best solution is delivered!

SAV’s CPD CHP Courses

SAV Systems organises CIBSE accredited LoadTracker CHP CPD Seminars either at our clients’ premises or at SAV’s offices in Woking, Surrey. Each CHP Course offers a thorough introduction to LoadTracker, and explains the issues that can be anticipated with a Combined Heat and Power proposal. For further details, please contact SAV Systems and refer to the CPD CHP Seminars section.

To find out more about LoadTracker CHP training and support, please contact us on the details below or by using the Contact Us page. We’ll send you the LoadTracker CHP Design Guide to help you identify whether Cogeneration is suitable for your project. Next we’ll provide you with a sample CHP assessment for your type of project, and a proforma enquiry spreadsheet if you’d like to take things further.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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