CHP Units Reduce Energy Bills

Every combined heat and power installation can take advantage of the ‘spark gap’. This is the differential between:

a) The price of gas used by the Combined Heat & Power unit (say, 3p / kWh), and

b) The price of electricity charged for grid supply (say, 9 p / kWh at day tariff)

For a single LoadTracker CHP unit, this means that savings of approximately 5p per kWh of site-generated electricity are achievable. When CHP systems are able to clock up even a few hours per day, then annual savings of many thousands of pounds become possible. This gets a site owner’s full attention!

Local electricity off-peak rates are often so low as to make the CHP spark gap non-viable during night hours. In this scenario, the maximum operating time at day tariff could be expected to be around 17 hours.

The Holy Grail for Cogeneration (CHP) systems is the ability to maintain uninterrupted operation. This is how cost savings are maximised, and LoadTracker CHP installations are designed to do just that. SAV Systems go to considerable lengths to identify and neutralise the causes of unwanted stoppages. On new-build projects, suggestions are provided to the consultants responsible for the plant room schematics.

Potential CHP System Pitfalls

Every Combined Heat and Power plant installation (regardless of manufacturer) faces potential issues such as:

  • Escalating return temperatures, leading to overheating of the CHP unit and premature shut-down.
  • Interference to flow patterns as soon as the main gas boilers come on line, again forcing the Combined Heat & Power system shut-down.
  • Ineffective utilisation of thermal storage, which means that the CHP system shuts down as soon as site thermal demand eases.

All of these potential causes of Combined Heat and Power system stoppage can be successfully neutralised by appropriate design. SAV Systems’ CHP consultants can provide the assistance necessary to ensure this at every LoadTracker CHP system installation, whether new-build or retrofit. LoadTracker’s ability to continue running without interruption for long periods is highly valued by site operators.

Long intervals between services help to keep LoadTracker CHP units on line. Maintenance is only necessary at intervals of 10,000 hours for the XRGI 6 and XRGI 9, 8,500 hours for the XRGI 15 and 6,000 hours for the XRGI 20 – or 2 years service if earlier.

CHP System savings

On a caseload of 29 care homes which were assessed for LoadTracker CHP unit potential, average annual cost savings of £8,180 were identified.

In the same vein, a series of 6 leisure centres assessed during the same period were found to have the potential for annual savings of between £11,336 and £31,142 by using LoadTracker Combined Heat and Power systems.

Need to get some specifics about CHP for your project?

To find out more about LoadTracker CHP, please contact SAV Systems using the number given below or by using the Contact Us page. We can forward the LoadTracker CHP Design Guide, to help you to identify whether CHP would be suitable for your project.

SAV Systems can also organise LoadTracker CHP CPD Seminars – with CIBSE certification – which provide a great introduction to LoadTracker CHP. Each Seminar covers the main issues to be covered in any Cogeneration proposal, and questions are always welcome.

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