Access to air handling units


For all wall-mounted AirMaster heat recovery units, access to the filters is easily achieved through the bottom hatch. This is hinged along the edge adjacent to the mounting wall and can be readily accessed to enable inspection / maintenance.

Access is equally simple whether units have been installed 1/3 recessed, 2/3 recessed (as shown right) or fully exposed. The bottom hatch is used in the same way for each of these.

Access to floor-mounted AirMaster air handling units is arranged either through the door at the front (AMP 900) or through panels at the side (AMP 1200).

The only components to require replacement on a scheduled basis are the air filters. Service intervals vary according to the dust burden carried by intake air. The average interval between services is 12 months.

SAV have a field service team available to carry out filter replacements at any site across the UK.

During each visit, checks are made to ensure that the heat recovery units are are running correctly. If necessary, downloads can be taken from the on-board data loggers to enable further diagnostics. Such data can be made available to any party with an interest in performance.

As filter replacement is such an important part of regular operation by AirMaster MVHR units, SAV take a proactive approach to this in dealing with each site. Once commissioning has been completed satisfactorily, contacts will be made to establish who it is that is given the responsibility for maintenance of the ventilation equipment: FM company, premises manager, etc. Schedules are then set up to notify these individuals 1 month prior to each target replacement date. SAV are happy to go the extra mile to ensure that each ventilation install reaches its full potential!

SAV Systems have a number of AirMaster wall mounted and floor standing air handling units installed at their Woking offices, all in regular operation. We would be happy to show you these, and reply to any queries you may have. Seeing is believing!

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Document Downloads

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Installation Documents

AirMaster Installation Manual AM 150 to AM 800

Installation Manual AM 150 to AM 800

AirMaster Installation Manual AM 900 & AM 1200

Installation Manual AM 900 & AM 1200

AirMaster Installation Manual AM 1000

Installation Manual AM 1000

Operator's Manual_AirMaster AM 150 - AM 1200 & CV 80-DV1000-1

Installation Manual
CV 80, 200 / DV 1000

Installation Manual Connections Communications Commissioning

Connections, Communications, Commissioning

AirMaster Installation Guidance (rev 11)

Installation Guidance (Rev 11)

AirMaster Pre-Commissioning Checklist

Pre-Commissioning Checklist

AirMaster Fire Alarm Connection

Fire Alarm Connections

Manuals / Quick Start Guides

Operator's Manual_AirMaster AM 150 - AM 1200 & CV 80-DV1000-1

Operator’s Manual – AM 150 – AM 1200
CV 80, 200 / DV 1000

SAV AirMaster Quick Start Guide Orbit

Quick Start Guide – Orbit Control Panel

SAV AirMaster Quick Start Guide Viva

Quick Start Guide – Viva Control Panel

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AirMaster Technical Data


AirMaster Design Guide

AirMaster Design Guide

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