Floor Standing AirMaster Demand Controlled Ventilation Air Handling Units

These direct ventilation units are designed for larger spaces, and can readily be used in multiples. SAV Systems offers 2 models of floor standing units:

AirMaster AMP 900


Nominal 830 m³/hr with 35 dB(A) @ 1m (825 m³/hr net of louvre loss) ,
or 690 m³/hr with 30 dB(A) @ 1m.

This heat recovery ventilation unit is suitable for larger offices, conference rooms and other environments where low noise ventilation is required.

The AMP 900 is can be specified with top inlet and bottom extraction (as shown), so as to produce mixing type ventilation. Alternatively, a wide grille bottom inlet with top extraction produces displacement mode ventilation.

The AMP 900 can be supplied with modulating CO2 demand control to provide a consistently fresh, energising working environment.

AirMaster AMP 1200

AirMaster AM 12001,310 m³/hr with 35 dB(A) @ 1m,
or 1,050 m³/hr with 30 dB(A) @ 1m.

AMP 1200 units are well suited to open-plan offices, communal areas and dealing rooms.

This versatile heat recovery ventilation unit can be placed either end-on or sideways-on against a wall. The sides can be fitted with a choice of different surfaces, including acoustic lightboard, MDF (medium density fibreboard), whiteboard or mirror. Besides providing direct ventilation, the AMP 1200 can be used as a room partition, notice board or as a base for decorative panels.

Both the AMP 900 and AMP 1200 units are well suited to open-plan offices. Other applications include classrooms, communal areas and dealing rooms.

Making the most of your AirMaster air handling units

To help plan for the introduction of these larger heat recovery ventilation units, SAV can put forward installation specialists to join in with early stage discussions of site issues, remaining involved right the way through to successful commissioning and handover.

Heat Recovery Ventilation CPD Seminars

SAV Systems runs CPD seminars which focus on the features and benefits offered by AirMaster ventilation units, which include effective demand control of indoor air quality, low noise and significant energy savings. Please contact our Woking office for further details.

If you need some further information about the AM series, do give us a call! If you’d like to see the units in operation, SAV have several AirMaster direct ventilation units (both wall mounted and floor standing) at our Woking office, and we’d be happy to show you around.

For further information on AirMaster smart ventilation units, please contact us:

By phone: 01483 771910
By e-mail: webenquiries@sav-systems.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

Document Downloads

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Installation Documents

AirMaster Installation Manual AM 150 to AM 800

Installation Manual AM 150 to AM 800

AirMaster Installation Manual AM 900 & AM 1200

Installation Manual AM 900 & AM 1200

AirMaster Installation Manual AM 1000

Installation Manual AM 1000

Operator's Manual_AirMaster AM 150 - AM 1200 & CV 80-DV1000-1

Installation Manual
CV 80, 200 / DV 1000

Installation Manual Connections Communications Commissioning

Connections, Communications, Commissioning

AirMaster Installation Guidance (rev 11)

Installation Guidance (Rev 11)

AirMaster Pre-Commissioning Checklist

Pre-Commissioning Checklist

AirMaster Fire Alarm Connection

Fire Alarm Connections

Manuals / Quick Start Guides

Operator's Manual_AirMaster AM 150 - AM 1200 & CV 80-DV1000-1

Operator’s Manual – AM 150 – AM 1200
CV 80, 200 / DV 1000

SAV AirMaster Quick Start Guide Orbit

Quick Start Guide – Orbit Control Panel

SAV AirMaster Quick Start Guide Viva

Quick Start Guide – Viva Control Panel

Technical Data / Brochures

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AirMaster Brochure


AirMaster Design Guide

AirMaster Design Guide

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