LoadTracker background and CHP Technical Specifications

EC Power started off in 1994. Backed by serious R & D funding from energy giant Statoil, a series of high performance Combined Heat and Power Units were developed. These have since benefited from a programme of continuous improvement. The XRGI 15 CHP unit was launched in 2008, and has done well in European markets. As from 2012, the XRGI 20 has been added to the product range and in 2014 the XRGI 6 and XRGI 9 Mini Loadtracker units were introduced to the SAV portfolio.

In early 2009, EC Power formed a joint venture with SAV Systems United Kingdom Ltd. This enterprise has enabled the technical strength of EC Power to be combined with the practical expertise and service-led approach of SAV. There are now nearly 500 LoadTracker combined heat and power installations that are up and running in the UK.

LoadTracker Combined Heat and Power Technical Specifications

Loadtrackers at a glance

LoadTracker CHP Units are powered by a Toyota gas engine of proven reliability. They are designed for low maintenance and operate for between 6,000 and 10,000 hours (depending on the model) between services. The generator can modulate output down to 40% of maximum; this is very significant to continuing Combined Heat and Power operations during periods of low electric demand.

The CHP heat exchanger circuits are arranged to maintain flow water at constant temperature (usually 80C), regardless of return temperature. This makes for steadier operation. Every LoadTracker CHP unit comes with a thermal storage vessel, and the contents of this are kept as close as possible to flow temperature. When site demand falls away, hot water is diverted to build up unused storage volume. This means that LoadTracker CHP thermal storage is highly effective in dealing with peaks in site demand.

Need to get some specifics about CHP for your project?

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Document Downloads

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  • 1. Warranty & Maintenance Document
  • 2. LoadTracker Design Guide
  • 3. Delta T Design Guide
  • 4. XRGI 6 Datasheet
  • 5. XRGI 9 Datasheet
  • 6. XRGI 15 Datasheet
  • 7. XRGI 20 Datasheet
  • 8. Q20/Q80 Heat Distributor Datasheet
  • 9. Hydraulic Solutions Datasheet
  • 10. Technical Bulletin – CHP Thermal Store Management

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