To get construction projects past planning permission can be a time-consuming process. For energy usage planning issues, co-ordination of specialist energy assessors will be required at an early stage. SAV Systems’ CHP Group can help with this aspect by providing specialist CHP consulting to the energy assessors in their work.

Variations in approach will be necessary according to the type of proposal involved. For instance, housing projects must undergo SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) to establish rates of carbon emission.

LoadTracker CHP data for SAP assessments

To demonstrate the contribution by LoadTracker Combined Heat and Power requires detailed interaction with a project’s specialist SAP assessors. There are over a dozen SAP formats on the UK market, produced by different software houses. All of these generate thermal kWh needs for housing projects, but are virtually silent in regard to electrical needs. SAV’s CHP consultants are happy to engage with SAP assessors to help:

  • Clarify those areas where data is uncertain
  • Specify the assumptions that need to be made and issue site-specific reports of the contributions to expected from LoadTracker CHP
  • Establish carbon reduction, cost savings and %age site loads which would be accounted for by LoadTracker CHP
  • Look for every available CHP point under the Code for Sustainable Homes

Combined Heat and Power Systems also offer clear benefits to non-domestic construction projects. Non-residential buildings such as schools, leisure centres and hospitals are subject to assessment under the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM). In assessing the energy performance of a building, BREEAM awards points for the use of eco friendly technologies with low or zero carbon consumption such as Combined Heat & Power.

In turn, BREEAM is based on Standard Building Energy Modelling (SBEM).

All LoadTracker and Mini LoadTracker CHP units are classified as Low NOx. Consequently, LoadTracker Combined Heat and Power systems provide important points under both the SAP and BREAM regimes, helping significantly to get project after project past Planning Approval.

Need to get some specifics about CHP Systems for your project?

To find out more about LoadTracker CHP, please contact SAV Systems on the details below or by using the Contact Us page. We’ll send you the LoadTracker CHP Design Guide to help you identify whether CHP is suitable for your project. Next we’ll provide you with a sample CHP assessment for your type of project, and a proforma enquiry spreadsheet if you’d like to take things further. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • 1. Warranty & Maintenance Document
  • 2. LoadTracker Design Guide
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  • 4. XRGI 6 Datasheet
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  • 6. XRGI 15 Datasheet
  • 7. XRGI 20 Datasheet
  • 8. Q20/Q80 Heat Distributor Datasheet
  • 9. Hydraulic Solutions Datasheet
  • 10. Technical Bulletin – CHP Thermal Store Management

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