Biomass micro networks

Micro networks are minor district heating networks often located in rural areas. With the UK government’s introduction of the world’s first long-term financial support programme for renewable heat in November 2011, the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme (RHI) has been accelerating the growth of micro networks – primarily fuelled by biomass boilers.

As the majority of these biomass schemes are refurbishment projects with existing heating systems in individual dwellings, biomass suppliers are often looking for an interface between the primary circuit fed by the biomass boiler and secondary circuits providing heating and DHW.

The tried and tested Danfoss FlatStation heat interface unit (HIU) offers an opportunity of creating a hydraulic break – but also with all the necessary components to achieve a system which is well-balanced in terms of pressure, flows and temperatures while delivering stable and reliable DHW and heating on demand to individual dwellings.

As with any refurbishment project the existing infrastructure might set limitations as to how the refurbished system can be designed. It is therefore very important that the heat interface unit used is sized specifically for the design temperatures of the project as well as the specific demand of the individual dwelling(s). SAV Systems offers plate heat exchanger calculations for any project – no matter the size – to make sure that the system is sized correctly for optimal energy-efficient performance.

Danfoss FlatStation heat interface units can be supplied directly to site with pre-installed MID-approved energy meters which are RHI compliant.


Biomass Micro Networks

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