Digital Flow Monitoring of Chilled Water Systems

larsHVAC systems are potentially very wasteful of energy; poor chiller and heating plant performance, unnecessarily high pumping costs, distribution losses, poor pressure and temperature control, blockages, faulty valves, poor commissioning etc.

Lars Fabricius, Director, SAV Systems


“You can’t manage what you can’t measure. FloCon Watchman delivers the measurement.”


Real-time data on:

  • Terminal unit flow rates
  • Terminal unit flow and return water temperatures
  • Energy consumption

Which delivers:

  • Professional HVAC management
  • Better indoor climate
  • Cuts unnecessary energy wastage

Watchman BMS Interface

1297679417The interface monitors the flow and return temperatures to terminal units. The Interface exports this data and the Ultrasonic flow and energy meter data to the BMS in Modbus.

Locating valves at terminal units in congested voids

crossLocating test points, strainers, drain, isolating, flushing, regulating and control valves around terminal units is both impractical and costly in terms of commissioning time and maintenance!


Engineered solutions for hydronic systems

FloCon commissioning modules
provide a centralised ‘header’ for fan coil units, radiant panels, chilled beams or heating systems, acting as a distribution hub for a group of terminal units. Each module incorporates all of the valves required for commissioning and operation. FloCon modules can be sited in an easily accessible location so that hydronic commissioning and maintenance can be completed from one practical access point.


FloCon modules at a glance

FloCon – An engineered solution

  • Ideal for low flow heating systems
  • Variants for all terminal units
  • Easy access for commissioning
  • Significantly speeds up commissioning process
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Easy to reconfigure in future

Other benefits include:

  • Supports use of pre-fabrication and factory testing
  • Modules are housed in pre-insulated, vapour-sealed boxes
  • Optimises on-site use of skilled operatives
  • Enables accurate commissioning, even with ultra-low flows
  • Less disruption to conditioned space during maintenance
  • Facilitates post-commissioning ‘fine tuning’
  • Energy saving with variable speed pump control
  • Ideally suited for use with flexible piping system

FloCon Watchman modules at a glance

All the benefits of FloCon, plus:

  • flocon-watchman-logoReal-time monitoring of flow rates
  • Remote BMS monitoring
  • MID compliant ultrasonic flow meter
  • Accurate energy consumption data
  • Allows ‘soft landing’ tuning
  • Retrofit to existing modules

Designed for energy metering, change and churn

  • flocon-watchman-logoFloCon Watchman modules are produced with seven ports as standard.
  • Modules are then configured to match the required terminal unit layout.
  • Unused ports are blanked off for potential future use.
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