True Lifecycle Management of hydronic systems

The benefits of commissioning modules in hydronic systems are well established. FloCon Watchman takissue-39-flocon-watchman-logoes this concept to the next logical stage, with continuous monitoring of flow rates and logging of energy data.



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FloCon Watchman combines the advantages of FloCon commissioning modules with SAV’s innovative Watchman solution, providing real-time performance data for fan coil and chilled beam systems.

Designing for soft landings

To comply with the government’s ‘soft landings’ concept, building services engineers need to take account of a number of key criteria:

  • Designs should facilitate correct installation and ease of commissioning
  • Systems can be easily ‘fine-tuned’ and ‘de-bugged’
  • Systems can be easily re-configured in line with changes in building usage
  • Clients can monitor the operation of the system
  • Clients can measure the energy consumption of their system

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Historically, the majority of hydronic systems have failed to address the latter two points. FloCon Watchman provides the data that underpins a true understanding of system operation and performance. This, in turn, enables building occupiers to make informed decisions based on accurate, meaningful information.

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure. FloCon Watchman delivers the measurement.”

How it works

sav newsletter issue 39 image 3FloCon Watchman modules incorporate the Watchman electronic flow measurement device, enabling continuous monitoring of flow rates through the BMS. The module also continuously monitors the Delta T across all terminal units to ensure efficient operation and to support the management of the hydronic system.

In addition, FloCon Watchman modules are equipped with data loggers to allow energy metering within each zone of terminal units.sav newsletter issue 39 image 4

Locating valves at terminal units in congested voids

Locating test points, strainers, drain, isolating, flushing, regulating and control valves around terminal units is both impractical and costly in terms of commissioning time and maintenance!



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Engineered solutions for hydronic systems

sav newsletter issue 39 image 6FloCon commissioning modules provide a centralised ‘header’ for fan coil and chilled beam systems, acting as a distribution hub for a group of terminal units. Each module incorporates all of the valves required for commissioning and operation. FloCon modules can be sited in an easily accessible location so that hydronic commissioning and maintenance can be completed from one practical access point.

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  • 22% saving on installation time
  • 57% saving on flushing horizontal mains pipework
  • 77% saving on flushing fan coil unit circuits
  • 56% saving on commissioningsav newsletter issue 39 image 3

A BSRIA study using FloCon modules showed significant

time savings compared to locating valves at terminal units.


FloCon™ modules at a glance

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Ideal for low flow heating systems

Variants for chilled beams

Other benefits include:

  • Supports use of pre-fabrication and factory testing
  • Modules are housed in pre-insulated, vapour-sealed boxes
  • Optimises on-site use of skilled operatives
  • Enables accurate commissioning, even with ultra-low flows
  • Less disruption to conditioned space during maintenance
  • Facilitates post-commissioning ‘fine tuning’
  • Energy saving with variable speed pump control
  • Ideally suited for use with flexible piping system


FloCon Watchman™ modules at a glance

All the benefits of FloCon, plus:issue-39-flocon-watchman-logo

FloCon Module Installations

SAV Systems is proud to have supplied Flocon commissioning modules to a number of prestigious buildings and businesses throughout Britain. SAV always aims to deliver innovative solutions to the benefit of clients, consultants and contractors.

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University of Liverpool, Central Teaching Labs

“The SAV solution offers better more accurate control of differential pressure and easier, faster commissioning – a sixth of every floor at 30 St Mary Axe, could be balanced and finely tuned from a single point.”

– Dave Gatwood, Project Manager, Hills Mechanical ​







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30 St Mary Axe

“The benefits at the commissioning stage have been remarkable.

There were zero problems in a 125,000 ft2 building!

Our commissioning engineers describe the Modules as

“a dream to work with” and all their figures were within the design set margins.”

– Stuart Bareham, Waterman Building Services

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Bishopsgate, Central London

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One Hyde Park, Central London

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New Cannon Street Tube Station building

sav newsletter issue 39 install 6

Harvey Nichols Department Store,
Central London