In line with the requirements of the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide and Building Regulations Part L for zoned heating in dwellings, the 2-Zone Compliance Kit is a compact and efficient way to create two separate heating zones.

The system comprises a two-port manifold with integral zone valves (on/off), an actuator for each integral valve, a wiring box and related

To comply with the requirement for time control, the Kit can be used in conjunction with programmable room thermostats. These are connected to the integral valve actuators,to ensure independent room temperature control for each of the heating zones[ML1] . For example, the living area zone could be set for heating between 6-7 am and 5-10 pm, whereas the bedroom zone could be set to come on between 9 pm and 7 am. Connection to the actuators can be made either directly to the actuator head, or indirectly to a wall-mounted wiring box.

When used in conjunction with multiple housing schemes served by centralised planrooms,  the 2-Zone Compliance Kit can be connected to a Danfoss FlatStation heat interface unit in each apartment for accurate  temperature and time control.

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