An underfloor heating (UFH) manifold is a compact multiport arrangement, which usually includes a series of thermostatically controlled 2-port valves, temperature gauges, a mixing valve and circulation pump.

Balancing between circuits is achieved using valves placed on the manifold return connections. A mixing valve introduces cold supply as necessary to the hot flow water as it arrives at the manifold, thus maintaining the required water temperature to the circuits. In the event that temperature to the circuits should go too high for any reason, a safety temperature override switch cuts in.

The concentration of valves at the manifold makes for ease of access during commissioning, and also for any rebalancing of circuits which may be required subsequently.

SAV Underfloor Heating manifolds are mounted on base plates and come with an integral circulating pump, which makes each module very compact. Also attached to the base plate is the master terminal block, which enables pre-wiring at works of up to 14 thermostatic valve actuators. Modular design means that the further terminals can easily be added in the event of the UFH system being extended.

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