Boosted cold water (BCW) is required when the cold water tank is located at a low level in a building and water needs to be pumped upwards for distribution. A BCW system typically comprises a cold water storage tank that supplies a number of pumps. These deliver water to a large bore riser pipe(s) for distribution to the building circuits. A non-return valve ensures that water is not able to drain back to the storage tank.

Because of the pressure used in BCW systems, it is essential to make use of high quality connections to avoid the risk of leakage. Effective control of distribution is also important, which is where multi-port manifolds come into their own. Manifolds have great potential to reduce site installation time. They are highly compact and therefore economical on space requirement, making it possible to tuck them into corners normally considered inaccessible!.

BCW manifolds can be supplied with 2, 3 or 4 ports, or even coupled up to provide additional port connections. SAV’s BCW modules are assembled in a quality-controlled factory environment and hydraulically tested prior to despatch.

As potable water becomes an ever more valuable commodity, the need for reliability of water meters can be expected to increase. BCW meter manifolds can be supplied complete with meters, or with space allowed for free-issue equipment (for utilities such as Thames Water for example, who insist on supplying their own). Manifold branches can be provided complete with isolation valves and approved non-return provision.

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