Alupex flexible piping systems enable faster and more reliable installation with no requirements for elbows or bends. Connections are made with Pressfit fittings, saving even more time.

Alupex is a composite of plastic (cross-linked polyethylene) and aluminium piping, that is ideal for a wide range of hot and cold water applications. SAV Alupex systems are supplied complete with all Pressfit end fittings, and piping can be pre-insulated at the factory if required.

A key benefit of Alupex is its flexibility. Large radius bends can be formed by hand and smaller radius bends (down to two pipe diameters) are easily made using a bending spring. This means that installation is considerably easier and quicker than would be the case for traditional copper systems, as bends and elbow pieces are not required.

End connections are easily made using FAR brass adaptors. Each adaptor comes with two pairs of O-rings, split olive and compression nut.

Alupex piping offers the following advantages:

  • Connection is only required at the ends.
  • Faster installation, fewer connections, no elbows or bends.
  • Helps to meet BSRIA guidelines for reducing installation time.
  • Fewer connections reduce the risk of leaks.
  • Easy to fit, with no requirement for specialist skills.
  • Robust design, resistant to rough handling on site.
  • Rated for temperatures up to 95 degC and a working pressure of 12 bar.
  • Life expectancy of 50 years, full guarantee for 10 years.
  • 100% barrier to oxygen diffusion, thus reducing corrosion risk.

Alupex pipe is made up of five layers that combine flexibility with high durability:

  • An outer cross-linked polyethylene (PE-X) layer
  • An adhesive layer
  • An aluminium layer which provides the oxygen diffusion barrier
  • A second adhesive layer
  • An inner layer of cross-linked polyethylene

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