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Energy labelling promises major boost for micro-CHP

Energy labelling promises major boost for micro-CHP

The new EU energy labelling requirements for heating products, which came into effect on 26 September 2015, will make it considerably easier for end users to compare the relative energy performance of different heating technologies. As a result, we anticipate a significant and welcome boost to the use of micro-CHP in homes and small businesses.

The Ecolabelling requirements form part of the Energy Related Products Directive (ErP). The most recent update requires gas or oil fired space heaters and combination heaters (designated ‘Lot 1’ under the Directive) up to 400kW to meet new energy efficiency requirements. In addition, those products with a heating capacity of less than 70kW are required to display energy performance labels, such as those that are now familiar on domestic appliances.

In providing clear, independently verified evidence of energy performance, the labelling scheme will help to increase confidence in unfamiliar technologies such as micro-CHP. As such, it should encourage end-users to consider alternatives to conventional boilers and potentially could prove to be a key milestone in giving micro-CHP a more dominant role in the heating market.

This development has also been welcomed by The European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration (COGEN Europe).COGEN Europe’s Managing Director Fiona Riddoch commented:

“COGEN Europe welcomes this energy label’s ambition to empower consumers to save energy in their own homes by adopting highly efficient products, while giving market players the confidence to continue to invest in innovation. Ultimately a successful energy labelling scheme will require a fair, steady and predictable policy framework which recognises the full efficiency benefits of on-site production of heat and electricity. The current scheme has still some way to go.”

COGEN’s full response to the energy labelling scheme can be read here