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Collaborating for better project delivery

Collaborating for better project delivery

There are a number of factors that contribute to successful project delivery, such as installation of heat networks and district heating systems. These range from system design and product selection through to the installation of all components and their ongoing control.

Inevitably this process involves a number of parties, who need to work productively together to ensure the project delivery meets the end client’s expectations. The closer the collaboration – from the very first stages of the design process – the better the outcomes.

This is why SAV systems has always placed great emphasis on working closely with all of the relevant members of the supply chain. These include consulting engineers and contractors, as well as the manufacturers of the equipment being supplied.

In this way, the system design and installation will benefit from SAV’s expertise in delivering heating systems such as district heating and heat networks with central energy plant such as combined heat and power. At the same time, continuous dialogue with manufacturers ensures that feedback from specifiers and installers informs future product development.

These principles are clearly illustrated by a unique, contractor and supplier collaboration that has recently been initiated between J S Wright, SAV Systems and Danfoss, manufacturer of the FlatStation heat interface units supplied by SAV for use in many heat networks.

SAV Systems and Danfoss have had a strong relationship for many years, working together on product innovations that deliver ever-improving performance and efficiency. In parallel, SAV has been working with J S Wright for over 10 years on the design, installation and commissioning of energy-efficient district heating and hot water systems and centralised energy centres.

These relationships have now been further enhanced by the initiation of direct, face-to-face discussions between J S Wright and Danfoss. These discussions have already given Danfoss an invaluable customer perspective on the UK market and industry trends. Specific technical challenges have also been explored.

At the same time, SAV Systems is using the feedback to strengthen the support it provides to J S Wright and other supply chain partners, all contributing to more successful project delivery.

As SAV Sales Director Jan Hansen explained: “The meeting proved to be an extremely useful exercise in terms of building on our strong relationship with J S Wright and furthering our understanding of how we can support the company in continuing to deliver successful projects.”

In addition to the discussions, SAV recently sponsored a visit to Denmark by 16 craft and technical members of the J S Wright Apprentice Academy. As well as visiting Danfoss, the trainees also toured the facilities EC Power – the manufacturers of LoadTracker combined heat and power (CHP) units supplied to the UK by SAV Systems.

J S Wright Managing Director Marcus Aniol commented: “We choose suppliers for their product quality and innovation and their ability to work with us as partners but our collaboration with SAV Systems has developed beyond our expectations.

“The inspirational support that SAV Systems has been giving our young people and its willingness to involve us in product development has resulted from a mutual trust and understanding that we have built up over the years. The strengthening of our collaboration should lead to even greater innovation in the design of energy efficient systems and boost the attractiveness of engineering as a career.”