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Southcraig School AirMaster Smart Ventilation Unit (SVU)

• Project Name: Southcraig School, Belmont Avenue, Ayr, KA7 2ND
• Consultant: Davie & McCulloch, Glasgow
• Client: South Ayrshire Council

The Project

An AirMaster Smart Ventilation Unit (SVU) from SAV Systems has helped to meet several design challenges for a new extension at Southcraig School in Ayrshire. AirMaster was specified by Davie & McCulloch on behalf of South Ayrshire Council.

The Challenge 

The project has created a new meeting room that is ‘landlocked’, with no windows to the outside. It was therefore necessary to install a mechanical ventilation system to ensure good indoor air quality (IAQ), whilst also avoiding draughts and ensuring occupants are not distracted by noise from supply and extract fans.

The Solution

To meet these requirements, an AirMaster SVU has been recessed into the ceiling void with ducted connections to the outside. The unit is fitted with an integral carbon dioxide sensor to monitor indoor air quality and provide energy-efficient demand control ventilation via a Viva control panel, also supplied by SAV.

Southcraig School Meeting Room AirMaster

Southcraig School AirMaster Smart Ventilation Unit in action

AirMaster SVUs prevent draughts in two ways. Automatic inlet temperature control is maintained with a set point of 19ºC, regardless of external temperature. In addition, the Coanda effect is used to move supply air across the ceiling, entraining room air and slowly increasing in temperature before falling into the room space.

Air filtration to M5 standard is also included to further protect IAQ and safeguard heat exchanger performance. At full throughput, AirMaster SVUs emit only 35 dB(A) at one metre and provide attenuation of at least 49 dB of external noise.


“The Coanda effect is used to move supply air across the ceiling, entraining room air and slowly increasing in temperature before falling into the room space.”

AirMaster Airflow

AirMaster Smart Ventilation Unit (SVU) BMS

A single Orbit control panel can be used to control up to 20 AirMaster SVUs.
Where integration to main digital BMS is required an interface module can be included to match the existing protocol.
Airlinq Online enables remote access and control.