sav-building-june-2014_1SAV Systems is an established provider of energy efficient Heating & Ventilation solutions. In partnership with key suppliers, we work regularly on the development of new applications, whether for AirMaster Demand Controlled Ventilation, LoadTracker Combined Heat and Power, Heat Interface Units & Heat Meters, Distribution Manifolds or HVAC Commissioning Modules. SAV is based in Woking, Surrey, and has a national network of area managers.

Working versions of each of our low carbon technology products are installed at our offices, and visitors are welcome to see this equipment in operation.

Each technology partner has been chosen for their specific expertise, capacity to innovate and consistency of quality. This means that there is a wealth of expertise available to design good solutions to the issues you may face. There are some great examples of solutions across the website.

SAV Systems offers you experience gained through hundreds of building services projects. We get involved at the feasibility stage and see each project through to commissioning and handover, providing support at every step of the way.

More and more, attention is focussed on the issues raised by centralised plant rooms and the techniques to maximise thermal efficiency. This has led to SAV’s pioneering introduction of the concept of 70/40 (70°C flow / 40°C return temperature) to building services consultants. Product development teams are on hand to optimise the project-specific plant combinations to best suit your particular requirements. Product choice can be made from a warehouse well stocked with state-of-the-art valves, fittings, manifolds, energy metering equipment and flexible piping.

SAV Systems continues to build on its reputation for having a can-do attitude, its attention to detail and willingness to follow through at site. Area managers are in position around the UK to assist with project discussions at consultant / contractor offices, or on site.

CPD Seminars on 70Flow / 40 ReturnAirMaster Direct VentilationLoadTracker CHP, FlatStation HIUs and HVAC Commissioning Modules can be arranged to bring whole teams up to speed and to consolidate the learning process.

Please make the time to explore a few sections of our website, either from a project perspective or starting with product. When you find something that you’d like further information on, just fill in the appropriate form and we’ll reply by return. Alternatively, please visit the Contact Us section for the main contact form and company details.

We look forward to hearing from you!