Given sufficient notice, SAV Systems can help to consolidate understanding of its’ main product areas through a series of Powerpoint presentations. The CPD Seminars are offered for groups of up to 15, either at SAV Systems’ offices in Woking, Surrey, or at consultants’ offices anywhere in the UK.

There is CIBSE accreditation of SAV’s main seminars, which means that attendees can put all seminar time towards their Continuous Professional Development obligations. SAV Systems Seminars are designed to cover:


AirMaster Seminar

The SAV AirMaster CPD Course is designed to explain the concepts underlying the successful application of direct controlled ventilation. Although DCV appears straightforward at first sight, there are a number of issues which must be addressed at outset to ensure each DCV installation delivers on all the potential benefit it is capable of. Attendees will be in a position to identify sites which are well-suited to DCV, and select the combination of equipment best able to develop that potential.

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LoadTracker CHP Seminar

Each SAV Systems LoadTracker CHP Seminar provides a thorough introduction to Combined Heat and Power systems, and examines the issues raised when introducing Cogeneration (CHP) to several different types of project. Attention will be given to the carbon reduction (and cost savings) to be expected from LoadTracker CHP, how to match Combined Heat & Power to site demand profiles, how to get the maximum running time (and cost savings) from CHP, and how best to incorporate Combined Heat and Power into DHW and Heating systems.

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Danfoss FlatStations (HIUs) Seminar

The starting point to this CPD seminar is to ensure a solid understanding of the principles of district heating. SAV will present FlatStation HIUs from the standpoint of experience gained from several hundred successful district heating projects. Issues to be covered include variable flow systems for saving energy, guidelines for centralised boiler capacity and buffer storage, the application of coincidence factors to secure plant cost reductions, and the incorporation of energy and water meters in FlatStation Heat Interface Units.

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HVAC Modules Seminar

Covers the development of well-designed solutions for use in HVAC systems. Improvements in flow control have enabled reductions in system energy usage, simplification of commissioning and better response times. The seminar provides an update on all of these elements of HVAC Systems, and more. Initial focus will be on issues raised by the recent BSRIA Design Guide “Energy Efficient Pumping Systems” released by The Building Services Research and Information Association, and includes the key features of variable flow systems, techniques for compliance with CIBSE Commissioning Code W and solutions for flow distribution to FCUs and AHUs.

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4G Lean Heat Network Design Seminar

Based on best practice and practical experiences from both the UK and Denmark this seminar aims to provide attendees with the principles of reliable, cost effective and future proof heat network design.

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