AirMaster Demand Controlled Direct Ventilation (DCV) CPD SEMINARS

With monitoring and control of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) becoming increasingly important, SAV Systems have designed a CPD Seminar focussed on the benefits of Demand Controlled Ventilation based on air handling units with heat recovery.

Who would benefit from AirMaster Direct Ventilation CPD Seminars?

The SAV AirMaster CPD Course is designed to explain the concepts underlying the successful application of direct controlled ventilation. Although DCV appears straightforward at first sight, there are a number of issues which must be addressed at outset to ensure each DCV installation delivers on all the potential benefit it is capable of. Attendees will be in a position to identify sites which are well-suited to DCV, and select the combination of equipment best able to develop that potential.

What issues do the AirMaster Direct Ventilation Courses cover?

AirMaster CPD Training materials reflect many of the project–related issues to be expected when looking at ventilation, including:

  • How do direct ventilation units compare with centralised ventilation systems?
  • Which are the key differences affecting the long-term performance of aluminium and plastic heat exchangers?
  • What are the options for controlling direct ventilation systems to secure good IAQ with lowest fan power?
  • What needs to be taken into account when positioning DCV units?
  • How to deal successfully with condensate, noise and room temperature excursions.

This AirMaster Direct Ventilation CPD Course is designed for mechanical and electrical consulting engineers, energy managers and ventilation system designers active in the building services sector. The workshop format is designed to provide an interactive learning environment, hopefully to provide you with an experience which is stimulating and enjoyable.

What is the format for an AirMaster Direct Ventilation CPD Seminar?

SAV Seminars are informal, and questions are welcomed at any stage from attendees. The Power-Point presentation is comprehensive and aims to introduce the AirMaster direct ventilation concept to the UK audience.

Seminars can be held at your premises, or any other venue of your choice. They are often held during lunchtime, and have an average duration of 1 hour. Back-up material will be made available to consolidate knowledge.

Contact SAV Systems to arrange a CPD Seminar on AirMaster Direct Ventilation

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If you have any areas of particular interest, please make a note of this information in the box provided and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

SAV Systems also run Low Carbon 70/40, FlatStation HIUs ,LoadTracker CHP and HVAC Solutions CPD Seminars. We look forward to seeing you at one!

AirMaster – Ventilation Product of the Year at the HVR Awards 2012

The judges at the 2012 Heating & Ventilating Review (HVR)Awardsrecognised the significant advantages offered by AirMaster units: effective demand control of indoor air quality at a local level, low noise and significant energy savings. All issues covered in depth at the CPD Seminar!

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