AirMaster AHUs – Helping to maintain the best possible learning environment in the classroom

airmaster-filterAirMaster units come with high quality M5 filters as standard. These provide an effective barrier to incoming dust, soot, seeds and insects. Where a high burden of contaminants can be expected from the surrounding air, higher specification F7 filters can be supplied instead.


No intrusion by traffic noise


Powerful attenuation can be expected of any external noise trying to pass through an AirMaster unit. With 49 dB reduction of incoming sounds, the resultant noise from outside sources arriving with inlet air is negligible. This is particularly helpful for all school SEN applications.


No transfer noise from the next classroom windows

It doesn’t matter how much noise is being created in the classroom next door, your own class can get on with business as usual. Provided the adjoining wallsare acoustically sound, there will be no open windows to cause problems and the AirMaster units will stop incoming noise in its tracks. AirMaster air handling units mean that opening the windows is no longer necessary.


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